[Fanfic Deltarune] I have something to tell you

ตอนที่ 8 : Troublemaker

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“Kris, everyone in this school loves me because I’m a school musician. But Susie is different. Everyone are afraid of her. A person like me must be an eyesore for Susie. She will hate me.” Mary is covering her face with hands.

I want to tell Mary that her idea about how her popularity in the school affects her is very ridiculous. But I can’t just say it out loud while she is dramatically whining like a girl from some old random drama high school shows.

“Oh I know what to do! I have to ruin my reputation before I go to talk to her.”

Huh!? What did she just say? I can’t believe this kind of dork still exists in the world.

Mary is continues mono dialoguing.

“It won’t be easy, I tried so hard to become the best girl in the school and I got so far. But you will help me do mischievous things to decrease my reputation right? Kris.”

I can’t understand how anyone can find situation like this to be serious and I don’t know what to say for her, so I’m just nodding.

“Thanks a lot.”

Then Mary and I go to their classroom. And the first mischievous thing we decided to do is…

“Let’s start with this one!”

Mary turning her desk and chair sideways lay down on the floor. Then she lay down herself on the classroom’s wooden tiles too. The way she sitting on her chair.( …and lying on the floor with the chair and table at the same time.) looks like she trying to study in horizontal position.

Others students come to the classroom. They saw Mary's study position and they think that is funny. Everyone including me turns our desk and chair sideways and lay down on the floor just like Mary did. Why not?

“It’s…not supposed to be like this.” Mary was so shocked.

Alphys open the door and step in to our weird classroom. She is obviously confused.
Then she nervously laying down on the floor and starts to teach us horizontally…I’m not so surprised.

At first, I feel like garbage. But not so long I can feel the universe hugging on my back. Stars are on my hair…galaxies rolling and rolling around.


That was amazing…

Marysue is not very happy with that universe’s affection. She grab her electric guitar heading to another classroom which is the scariest teacher teaching inside.

“Who do think you are!” The teacher shouts from the front of the room.

I and Mary just walk like a boss to the nearest table and jump onto it.

Mary plays a very great music with her instrument. I’m shaking a couple of maracas. Everyone seems fun including the teacher…It’s too good…too easy.

“Ahem, Well. Thank you for entertain us.” The teacher clears his throat. “I have to accept that you two have done such a good job, that music was amazing for your age. I will let you go this time, but don’t do this again ok?”

“What? That’s it?” And again, Mary was so shocked. She walks disappointedly back to our classroom.

Time after class finished.

In the golden light of afternoon, everybody check their locker and grab what they need just like every day.

“This is our last chance.” Mary is hiding behind the locker talking to me. “Do our best. Ok?...Oh! and thank you for bake these cupcakes for our plan.”

We throw my homemade (actually schoolmade.) chocolate cupcakes on everyone around our locker room. But the result was not what we expected.  

“Umm…not bad, Thanks.” Even Birdy seems to be enjoying that cupcake.

“Who need arms to eat when we can have fun like this? Num.” MK and Jockington are jumping around and chomp some cupcake.


“Thanks, Mary. That’s very kind of you.”

“Mmm thanks for yummy cake, Mary.”

“Tem luv cake!”

“Your cupcakes are too cute, Mary.” Catti tell her opinion as she walks to Mary. “If anyone tells you they feel sad or angry while looking at these things they just are a demon.”

Catti give Mary a cupcake in her hand to let the gray mannequin girl take a look at it. This one is a cupcake shaped like Lancer’s face which is made by me.

“No! It’s clearing darkness from my heart! AHHH!” Mary screams painfully.

“You are really bad at being mischievous. Huh?” Catti said with her stoic voice.

“Uh…Mary and Kris, We’re really sorry for missed your cake. Now the room is so messy.” Snowy apologized.

“Don’t worry, Kris. We will deal with it together.” Susie touches my shoulder softly. Her expression is really hard to read as always.

I take a look around the room. It’s look like a place after massacre of chocolate zombies or some kind of chocolate cake apocalypse.

“Are you planning to threaten Miss Alphys to not report the headmaster about this?” MK looks at Susie excitedly.

“...” Susie walks straight to the janitor’s closet and came out with a mop.

“oh…” That action is not very satisfying for our classmate.

“What the heck are you upset for?” It took everything in Susie not to sneer at MK.

“Um…Do you need a helping hand?” Noelle gets the nerve up to offering help for Susie. “Uwaa! It’s ok too if you don’t need!” The reindeer girl is feeling too embarrassed.

“Uh…Thanks.” Susie takes Noelle’s offer confusedly.

“Hey! We’ll help you too!”

So every classmate decided to stay and help us.

After we’re almost done clearing the locker room and most classmates are heading home. There’re only me, Susie, Mary…and Noelle hanging around.

…Noelle pretends to heading home and hiding in a corner obviously thinking I can’t see her. So yes, she is still here.

I look at Mary…Noelle is looking at her too. She mops a floor awkwardly nearby Susie.

Then, I finally tell Susie that Mary has something to talk to her.

“So, what is it?” Susie lean herself on a wall and crossed her arms.

“…Please take this.” Mary gave Susie an USB flash drive. “I always love your fighting theme, so I made an extended cover version just for you.”

“What?” Susie doesn’t seem to believe that someone really made something just only for her. “Well…, it’s actually cool. Thanks for your effort.”

“Eh…? That is it?” Noelle accidentally shows herself.

“Noelle? I thought you were already home.”

“...” The reindeer girl become speechless and walks away stiffly with blushing face.

I ask Susie if she wants Mary to be our friend.

“Ah?! ...Thank you, Kris.” Mary’s expression is so much better after she ‘Tells Susie that thing.’ and she smiled at me.

“Yes, Why not?” There was a questioning look in Susie’s yellow eyes. I think she doesn’t understand these silly girls so much.

“Thank you.” The answer voice was so hoarse like Mary is start to crying but she tries to not crying.

“Um, why did you cry?”


After that, I’m the one who take Mary to her home.

I ask Mary about herself. There are many things she makes me wonder about her today.

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