[Fanfic Deltarune] I have something to tell you

ตอนที่ 9 : The garbage girl

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After that, I’m the one who takes Mary to her home.

I ask Mary about herself. There are many things she makes me wonder about her today.

“You want to know more about me, huh?”

“Well, as everyone known. Many years ago, I was found in the junkyard by officer Undyne after a lot of witnesses informed to her that they saw a strange object shape like human fell from the sky, and then my mom adopts me.”

I told Mary that I already know that.

“Yes…There’s something that I never tell everyone before, but I will tell you because you’re such a good friend to me.”

“I was created by someone that I barely remember. She created my form, my mind, and gave me a name.”

“For some reasons, I got thrown away and fell into this world.”

“When I was new…to the world, I feel lost and confused. I don’t even know why she has to throw me away.”

“I wasn’t good enough? I’m not what she wanted or something? I always question myself like that.”

“These many years I tried to make my adoptive mom proud of me and I hope my creator will proud of me too.”

“I put my effort in my studies and I join the school’s music club tried so hard to become the best student.”

“I always wonder if I could meet her again, what would she think of what I am now? …a kind of person I’ve made myself became.”

“Am I a person she imagines me to be?”

“What if I am really a piece of garbage?”

“I never stop worrying, I would cry to death if she hates me.”

“Then I met Susie…and I found her really admirable.”

“She never pretends to be something that she is not to make anyone like her.”

“She makes me realize that what I really am doesn’t determine by what others wanted me to be.”

“I don’t know what I was made for and what I’m supposed to be, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Now I’m free to be anything I want to be…allowed and expected to invent who I am.”

“hehehe …So, I want to befriend with Susie and you.”

“Kris, thank you so much for everything today. I owe you a lot.”

“That’s it, my story… a secret version that never has been told to anyone.”

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