Would the game be better with grind
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Would the game be better with grind
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Here's a list of some criticisms I have of Runescape:Why does there need to become a subscription? Can It be worse? -Would the game be better with grind? If so, then why is not it? Why is there a lot of bots with RuneScape gold? Is it because the game makes you in living machine that is grinding? -In what circumstance is being a Skinner box? -What's OSRS better than it's competitors? Why are a few drop charges so low? Aren't there more organic techniques to introduce scarcity?I have many more, but those are the ones that I was thinking about while writing this. You're likely to attempt to assert 1 criticism of mine, and if you're just skimming again, let it be this:Why would it be okay for JAGEX to use Skinner boxes and other forms of psychological manipulation to generate money off gamers that are vulnerable? I broke this response up more because big paragraphs frighten you.

"First of all, you can't say I missed your point and then also say you skimmed my criticism. "No, I skimmed your response to my comment you because you'd gone on a massive pointless tangent. I saw all of the crap and read your criticism it comprised. Depict and you misread and misinterpret to try any merit in your argument, will not you? I don't find myself very interested in studying your giant wall of text answers as unorganized as they are, especially when you start off your paragraph with such a statement.You know what, your comment actually appears interesting to read now, I like that last touch. I didn't want to break your comment down too much because you were not responding to the others despite several points they made. Didn't seem as if you wanted a discussion that you wished to whine.

Actually, I did not acknowledge anything about the amount of time you'd played on the match. It as an assumption, an assumption as it turns out. I see you have not spent very long over the match from reading this. You are full of , saying that. "I suddenly had much more cash to spend on other games" Piss off. Believe yourself frugal to make that statement, or you would have to be poor. I think that it's the latter, however you're not frugal for doing this. You are still using the cash on games at which Runescape would have been equally as fun for many others in the same circumstance.

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Okay, let me reiterate for you. "There's overpowered equipment hidden behind low prices, making artificial scarcity." You think this is bad game design. You believe making powerful items difficult to get and infrequent is a lousy idea. Game design that is decent is not understood by you. The best thing is that you think all equipment should be readily available. Yet you talk about the market being of the game? The main reason why I quoted this, is because it revealed your comment truly painted you as ignorant and stupid.

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