I only saw one mage advertising boosts

I only saw one mage advertising boosts
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I believe sadly, you need to choose, both your wow gold guild is willing to go without wbuffs and be the little faction on a majority enemy faction server to PvP. Or you reside in a PvE server not or, either with or without. Unless it becomes WOW Classic+, the majority of WOW Classic mechanics will mean that if you are worried with PvE progression like wbuffs and first week AQ, PvE servers using a huge horde population will be your go to. Or as if the first week AQ40 pvp server is known, you say, to bypass servers.

The lesson to learn here is that"the biggest and most popular" isn't really"the best". I play on a moderate sized RP server and also the experience is closer to vanilla. The machine is still more populated and larger than any vanilla machine has been, but there are not any queues, neither faction must worry that server equilibrium may go against them and they literally can't play (well, cos it is not PvP~), and so forth. There robots, people really run dungeons rather than everyone getting boosts.

I only saw one mage advertising boosts and people got a bit mad with him (which is kind of an'fine grained' minute but okay), but you still have a healthy amount of guilds clearing raid content in similar average speeds to additional servers, and there is a number of weekly pugs to both MC and BWL. I've had no complaints about the host or such. Good luck with this mess OP. Honestly, I don't think there's a simple solution even for quite competent designers and I'm not very confident there are several of those on this undertaking.

Yeah I am a current player on netherwind, one of those smaller servers that was affected by the present server transfers that are crazy. Incendius flooded a large quantity of WOW players to the host and now it is a bit of a mess. We have experienced a massive influx of horde with very little alliance so that the dynamic has changed and the marketplace is crazy down or up depending on the product. I believe blizzard made a huge mistake with compensated transfers, yes this is a massive cash cow for them but enables the misuse of this system. Whether this is transferring things, gold, or taking over servers for competition in world. The only transfers which should occur are for servers that are overflowing to additional servers which are in demand of more WOW players and this needs to be done differently then it's now.

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Right now it is a mad dash until blizzard realizes they let a lot of leave/join a waiter and cut it off. They should analyze the servers to find out how many they need to allow to leave a server and just how many that they should allow to join a server and open it that way until it hits those marks or under. This could protect against mass exoduses or influxes of WOW players and could generally be smaller guilds or even WOW players searching for a fresh start, a better match for this type of move. The present situation is only move the issue for server to host, incendius was fine for quite a long time until servers like skeram and stalagg transferred. Now netherwind has a massive horde imbalance that the alliance now has to cope with along with the somewhat stable market is now in a disarray with people transferring entire banks of items.

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