Play MUT and that's their only way
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Play MUT and that's their only way
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Why should the adjustment be automatic? Can't you learn Mut 20 coins to make the alterations? We can only control 1 player on the field, gotta depend on your cpu teammates. The same as in my preceding reference of this lamar cheeser, he'd be running down field, well beyond the los and also my safeties are still back pedling because lamar is full sprinting around them.

Madden is the way it's because people. Gameplay is cheesey influencers such as Problem may use it to their advantage in every tournament. No Madden champ actually knows football they know Madden. If they change something they don't like they revert back. Same with 2k. If the"great" players can not cheese afterward Madden will endure since they will just pout till it has reverted. This occurred in like 17 or 18 I neglect. And that I have not played MUT because, but I am sure it has happened at some point again. And then all other issues within game that don't affect MUT get no love since most people just play MUT and that's their only way to create income after purchase. Playing with mods PC has become the only thing keeping about me.

While I appreciate the efforts of those that attempt to reach out to the EA people. I gave up desire to go. Number one it is only a video game and that I do not play nearly enough anymore to care as much as I used to. It is a losing struggle until someone else is permitted to create a competing game. Their match has issues and it does not matter to them although EA has a monopoly. If the only way anyone can get in NFL encounter every year so people are going to continue selling out and purchasing it and why would they do anything?

Yeah thats not at all what I said but ok. I said I appreciate the ones that do. Not their sales has not hurt. My point that for me thats cheap Madden nfl 20 coins why I do not try anymore. Instead I chose to talk with my wallet. By refusing to buy new variants etc.. Other people will need to combine with their wallet nothing will change because until players speak.

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