Where the spiked ball at any point I mean?
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Where the spiked ball at any point I mean?
เกริ่นเรื่อง: Madden has no logic for franchise in a season standpoint
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Yea, madden is trash in the Mut 21 coins conventional versus manner, cheese as , everyone runs the same plays over and over again. 2k20 actually takes a bit more creativity, perhaps not as far as real life basketball, but groups actually feel different in their play styles. And also the players dont that is 2k completely dismiss defensive missions such as in this vid. Madden doesnt mend any on field head to head problems perfect but their on court head to head gameplay is a representation for.

I swear madden CPU's have no IQ when it comes to calling timeouts

You would think by today Madden CPU would have more detail programming for game-time scenarios, instead of a"hustle down 17 or less interior of 1:01, otherwise play normally" scripted light change and that's it. As if soccer isn't complicated in the quarter. It strikes me when I up 1pt and they utilize that strategy in the playoffs/ superbowl. To hustle inside of 2min not lazily go at it. Makes the win feel accomplished when the AI is just being dumb to some degree that would find a head coach fired after Madden.

Amen to this. Like clockwork then burn all of them by 30 seconds 16, they call the timeouts at 1:01. Run one or two plays dont get up shut and telephone hurry to run the clock out. Where the spiked ball at any point I mean? I wish someone would give madden competition in order that they'd be forced to make it great again.I really want to attribute ultimate team fornit, but it's basic coding to include some simple AI 4th situations rather than just one worldwide one.

You know what bugs me? Madden has no logic for franchise in a season standpoint. You are facing the 1-6 Lions and the 7-0 Packers. Lions won't take any risks. 4th and inches at the Packer 11? I am not punting in that match in any way. When Lions are down 42-0, if they are on a losing streak, I do not care, they do not play it safe. If they're not and in week 14 making the playoffs, then they risk it all every time. But not according to Madden.

It seems like they refuse to detract from it and have a set gameplan. I could be up three scores and they keep trying to run it up the middle and becoming stuffed every moment. Dumps at the flat to Buy Madden 21 coins WRs, TEs, and HBs. I know they could do a job but when you've got no competition?

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