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Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Amiibo Cards Coming Soon

เขียนโดย Sellen
Through Animal Crossing: New Horizons' official Twitter account announced, after the Nintendo Direct showcase in September, fans will soon be able to obtain a series of new Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. 
We know very little about these new cards so far, but Isabelle herself has promised that "the details of this card pack will be announced later." Now we just need to wait quietly, If you think the waiting process is boring, then you can buy Cheap Animal Crossing Items on ACItems to decorate your island.
Although there is no news about the feature of these new Amiibo cards, considering that the last batch of releases-excluding the re-released Animal Crossing Sanrio Card-is before New Horizons, the new card may include characters introduced in the latest Animal Crossing game, so there is no Amiibo card of its own.
In addition, Fans' favorite Raymond is probably the most obvious absence of the current Amiibo card lineup and other new residents Judy, Dom, Audie, Sherb, Reniegh, Megan, and Cyd. Don't forget the other new NPCs, such as Flick, C.J, Daisy-Mae, Orville, and Wilbur. We also expect these new cards to be removed from the shelves like the Sanrio Amiibo cards earlier this year.
Assuming that Pigeon Barista Brewster might get a New Horizons edition Amiibo card, this is also a potential safe bet because he was recently hinted will return to the game by Nintendo. Now no longer eligible to appear in our missing Animal Crossing: New Horizons character list, after years of rumors and speculation, Brewster seems to be entering New Horizons. We will know for sure next month because Nintendo announced the October specific direct of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 
 Do you want to get these cards? Do you have some early cards? We are happy to learn about your collection in the comments below. If you want to Buy Bells Animal Crossing, Please feel free to contact the customer service staff on ACItems, they will teach you how to place an order and buy quickly.