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Some things about October Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct

เขียนโดย Sellen
On Friday the 15th of this month, Nintendo will share more information about the upcoming update on the Animal Crossing Direct live streaming. To buy Animal Crossing Bells For Sale, please visit ACItems. The 20-minute demo will detail the new content in the November update, including the return of the fan's favorite barista, Brewster. The following is the specific content of this Direct presentation.
1. Animal Crossing Direct Start Time
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct will be live streaming on Friday, October 15th. The show starts at 7 am Pacific Time / 10 am Eastern Time and lasts approximately 20 minutes.
2. How to watch
Nintendo will live streaming Animal Crossing Direct on its official Twitch and YouTube channels. 
3. What we can expect
Nintendo says Animal Crossing Direct will provide more information about the November update of New Horizons, which marks the game's first major content update since July, and it brings Brewster, which is a major addition.
In September's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo briefly displayed a new entrance to The Roost, Brewster's cafe in the museum, confirming that the cafe was finally added to the game. For the first time, we may get a comprehensive overview of this cafe and what you can do in it during Animal Crossing Direct, as well as any other new features and items introduced by the update.
We also have the opportunity to hear more about the next wave of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. Soon after Nintendo Direct in September, the company revealed on Twitter that the fifth series of Amiibo cards are under development, and detailed information about these cards will be "announced later". Although there is no guarantee that the new card series will be discussed during Animal Crossing Direct, the presentation will be the right time to reveal more information about it. 
There are now five days left before the live broadcast, so please remember to watch it, don't miss it! We can set an alarm clock to remind ourselves, haha! Players during this period can continue to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, if you need to buy ACNH Bells, ACItems is your first choice.