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All information about the Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Now, the moment that all Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans have been waiting for has arrived, and Brewster and The Roost are the fans' favorites. Buy Animal Crossing Bells at ACItems for this update. If you are a new player in the series, you may not understand the importance of Brewster in New Horizons. Here is all the information about Brewster.
Who is Brewster?
Brewster is the first NPC introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World. He is a blue rock dove, also known as a pigeon. His unique appearance is his signature: small round glasses, black mustache, and butler style. Brewster may be a little stand-offish at first, but once you get to know him, he will be very friendly. In addition, he always offers hot drinks to your villagers and others in your quaint town nearby.
Brewster's role in  Animal Crossing
Depending on the game you play, Brewster's role is slightly different. Generally speaking, he does the same thing, and that is to serve coffee. In Wild World, Brewster provides players with coffee once a day, he will provide special visitors, villagers, and of course K.K. sliders. After you buy a few coffees, he will provide new drinks, including pigeon milk, and even sugar!
In City Folk, if you drink a few cups of hot coffee, Brewster will eventually store some Gyroids for you, which are a kind of decoration that will dance and produce different sounds when activated. In previous games, players could dig them after snow or rain, and there is plenty to collect. Once Brewster warms you up, he will offer to store everything for you.
Finally, in New Leaf, players can add Brewster's shop through public works projects. Once completed, players can get takeaway options and even part-time jobs after steady consumption of coffee. Once as an employee, players can earn gifts by making perfect coffee for other NPCs and villagers. These gifts can be anything, from cafe-style furniture to coffee beans. 
What does this mean for New Horizons?
So, what does Brewster mean to Animal Crossing: New Horizons? A lot! Adding Brewster and the Roost can add a whole new level to the game, which requires a little adjustment. This is an opportunity to give other villagers on the island more personality because players complain that they all look ordinary.
In New Leaf, chatting with villagers and discovering their unique coffee orders was a fun mini-game. Adding it to New Horizons can provide fresh air for recycled content and let the players really understand the other villagers and NPCs on their island getaway.
Another possibility for Brewster is the return of Gyroids. Since storing Gyroids is his one feature in City Folk, this will be another thing players can start collecting. In addition, it's time for developers to add fashionable decorations with crazy beats.
In short, adding Brewster and the Roost is a great opportunity to add fresh content to an outdated game. To celebrate this major update, you can Buy Animal Crossing Bells from ACItems at the best prices.