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Animal Crossing: New Horizons will ready Series 5 Amiibo Cards

เขียนโดย Sellen
When Nintendo Direct was released a few days ago, the official Animal Crossing Twitter account revealed the next Animal Crossing Amiibo card. ACItems website offers to Buy Bells Animal Crossing. They will be ready on November 5, 2021. The series includes villagers that weren't there in the past, as well as brand new characters. Tom Nook and Raymond, Rio, Zoe, Dom, and Sasha are part of series 5.
Amiibo cards are a unique but special version of Amiibo and have a large number of fans. Although different from Amiibo's standard figure version, these cards can still be scanned and used in certain Animal Crossing titles. Amiibo cards were scarce in the past, but they are back, and now the Animal Crossing series 5 packs are about to be ready.
Many fans have been waiting for more Amiibo Animal Crossing Villagers because the connection between the game and the card itself can be very creative. For any Amiibo, whether it is a standard figure or a card, for some people it is an interaction with the game, while for others, it is just about collecting the items themselves. With this in mind, the series 5 Amiibo cards for Animal Crossing are exciting in many ways.
Except for Amiibo, the Animal Crossing news on October 15 was huge. Nintendo Direct highlighted the new paid downloadable content and the free 2.0 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which will be the last one. Fans can look forward to the return of Tortimer, the huge changes in Harv's island, Kapp'n's Boat Tours, new NPCs, NookPhone upgrades, overall improvements, and more. This game is now the second-highest selling game on the Switch, and one of the best-selling games in a year.  
At the same time, Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct also emphasized information about the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, including players can subscribe to "free" to get DLC. The Expansion Pack will include N64 and SEGA Genesis titles, priced at $49.99 per year, but in the future may also include other DLC, not just Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise.
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