The location of your proposal, Aquarius -- on the road or on the street
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 The location of your proposal, Aquarius -- on the road or on the street
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It's harder than it is to ask for a proposal from an aquarian who is philanthropic and not mainstream. They tend to be unmarried, so there is only one way to get Aquarius to open his mouth. Or help to hypnotize him. Only when you are an Aquarius can you get the chance.

  She does not like to follow the routine of her, and the conventional way of marriage proposal no longer moves her. It is her favorite way to let more people share your love vows. So send her on the way home, on the spur of the moment of you said want to show her magic, before, when she was past billboards suddenly turned into "xx, will you marry me?" , this sudden things will surprise she moved around, and vehicles are sharing the vows of love you, and will sincerely give blessing and envy, but you don't at the time of her promise to forgot the traffic regulations for joy!

  The starry sky

  The location of the twelve-constellation proposal, Pisces -- ideal for the starry sky

  No matter how mature and experienced Pisces can be, they will always have a childlike heart when facing emotional problems. They naively and religiously hope that a smooth and romantic confession will lead to a perfect and unfailing relationship. When choosing a proposed site, they are more willing to let oneself and a beloved blend in nature, let the universe become the witness of love, nothing more than the stars for romantic background as a Pisces to marry him. By the way: planetarium is a good choice if the weather is bad!

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