Analysis on the matching techniques of bride's Chinese wedding dress and bridal gown
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Analysis on the matching techniques of bride's Chinese wedding dress and bridal gown
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Chinese wedding has always had its unique charm, traditional Chinese wedding or there are many new couples like and choose. A perfect Chinese wedding, wedding clothes are essential, especially the bride's clothes, is a Chinese wedding landscape. So how should bridal Chinese wedding dress collocation do, ability makes bride's modelling more perfect? Here's a look at three of the most popular colors for Chinese weddings.

The bride's Chinese wedding dress was matched with a bright wedding dress -- phoenix coronet gauze

When it comes to Chinese weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of the bride, who wears a phoenix coronet, wears a red veil over her head, and slowly steps out of her gentle and graceful figure. Phoenix coronet xia was the wedding dress of the bride in the Ming dynasty. With her complicated embroidery and floral color, the bride looked like a peach flower and her lips were red and toothed white, showing the bride's coziness and shame. The design of phoenix coronet sauvignon is applied with a wide frame. Any bride of any size can choose to wear phoenix coronet and perform her wedding. There must be a perfect and grand Chinese wedding.

A chaplet and official robes tie-in skill: a chaplet and official robes combined model is complete, need not the bride in tangled hair problem, one rockhopper is enough, and the modelling of a chaplet and official robes itself has gorgeous rich enough, also need not the bride to prepare extra deserve to act the role of gild the lily. However, if the bride wants to wear jewelry, we suggest that jade jewelry can reflect the taste of the bride in details. Any large red wedding dress in the gold jewelry box is also a good choice. The bride's wedding shoes suggest red embroidery shoes.

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Bridal Chinese wedding dress collocation originates from manchuria's wedding dress - xiuhe dress

Xiuhe clothing originated from manchuria, also known as dragon and phoenix coats. The skirt and gown of xiuhe clothing are embroidered with intricate patterns, which are usually made up of dragons and phoenixes, and are embellished by the communist youth league committee of China (yuanyang), flowers and plants, fu zi and pomegranates, which symbolize auspiciousness and harmony for a hundred years. Xiuhe clothing generally with red and gold color as a match, atmosphere and wealth.

Xiuhe clothing matching skills: xiuhe clothing has two types of jacket: straight clothing and water wave foot clothing. The straight coat type is the most traditional one. The bride can choose whether she is fat or thin. The style of the coat with wave feet is more slim and suitable for the bride with good figure. XiuHe clothing garments design just right into the bride ankle length, so on the collocation of wedding shoe, brides should pay attention to, small make up recommend choosing and XiuHe served as the embroidery and embroidered red more appropriate. Jewelry can be paired with gold hair accessories.

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