How to choose the bride's bouquet
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How to choose the bride's bouquet
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Bridal bouquet is originally intended to set off the bride. If the bride is to be elegant and attractive, the bride should choose flowers with pure image, smart appearance and fragrant smell. The main flower material that holds a flower in hand can choose to have beautiful meaning rose, lily, orchid and so on flower; The floret material that tie-in can choose to be full of day star, Daisy, carnation, love person grass and so on flowers, the flower that tie-in gives a flower can make the bride hold a flower color concurrently, flower size is appropriate.

The bride holds a flower how to choose 4, according to the bride's posture choice different flower type holds a flower

The common bridal bouquet types are round ball shape, crescent shape, pouring type, pouring type and so on. The choice that the bride holds a flower must drink the body of the bride to match ability to complement each other. For example, for a slender bride, holding a flower in her hand can choose the shape of a curved moon or a round ball. The shorter and fatter the bride, holding the flower can choose the pouring type, to enhance the vertical parallax feeling; The bride is petite and fits for a small bouquet of hand-held flowers. For a bride with a well-proportioned body and a medium height, she can choose a triangular shape or a round shape to hold a flower in her hand, which can increase the bride's appearance.

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The bride holds a flower how to choose 5, according to the season chooses the bride holds a flower

The bride's choice of holding a flower is also important. According to the seasons change, the bride can match different kinds of flowers, so that their own bouquet can have the colors of the seasons. For example, in a winter wedding, the bride can choose red roses, tulips, vermilion and other flower materials, so that the hot flowers can bring a bit of mixed warmth to the cold motive! If held in the summer, it is recommended to choose light, green or white, do not choose too gorgeous, or there will be a hot feeling.

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