Chinese wedding planning
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Chinese wedding planning
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In recent years, there has been an upsurge of restoring ancient ways all over the world, and the wedding is the same. The Chinese wedding itself is the symbol and representative of China's traditional culture, and it is now being sought after by many parties. The following is a Chinese wedding planning scheme to create a modern fashion and traditional culture of the wedding.

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Sedan chair as a core part of traditional wedding has been popular since the southern song dynasty. It is divided into four persons to carry and eight persons to carry two kinds. The car body red curtain green cover, above the dragon and phoenix cheng xiang, four corners hanging silk ears. A rich man married his wife in a five-seater sedan chair, three in a bridal sedan chair, and a woman met him on the way to the wedding. The bride, the bride, the bride and the groom will each take a ride when the bride and groom return. In addition, they will also take two blue sedan chairs.

Worship hall and hand in wine:

After the brazier, some of them had to step over the saddle to signal the couple's safety after marriage. Then the groom lifts the veil from the bride's head with a red cloth wrapped with a scale, and the couple should go to church. After meeting the bride is the most important part is not a toast (GeJin wine), but to give both sides a hall with high ceiling tea, usually this time is a group of people said tearfully, touching scene, in a warm festive atmosphere also seeped through thick affection.

Concentric hair and thank-you media:

Modern wedding ceremonies, many of them in the bridal chamber should be moved out of the event. Hair, for example, should be cut off in the bridal chamber, kept together as a token of the couple's relationship, and now performed in public. After that, the mother and mother of both sides order dragon and phoenix candle together, the new couple exchange fragrant books and beautiful jade as tokens, and then invite the matchmaker to give away the hoofs.

Phoenix coronet frame:

People who marry daughters, rich or poor, are very particular about their clothes. In wearing a red coat, sufficient fulfillment of embroidery, ribbon tied with tassel, under an embroidered CaiQun, wearing a pendant with pompoms, pearl, jade silk ornaments such as: woven "rockhopper", go back to wearing a embroidery has brocade - "XiaPei" of various kinds of auspicious patterns.


In ancient times, brides covered their heads with red cloth while wearing phoenix coronet and veil to shield them from evil spirits.


It is placed at the gate of a fire, let the bride over the past, symbolizing married life.

Heaven and earth table:

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More in the courtyard, the table magnifies the bucket, the ruler, the scissors, the mirror, the abacus and the scale, known as "six certificates". We can know how much food we have, how much cloth we have, how good or bad our clothes are, how beautiful we look, whether our accounts are clear or not, and how important our things are. Folk often only "three media (matchmaker) six certificates" are available, just to show the new marriage is reasonable and legal. When auspicious when the wedding ceremony held, commonly known as "worship heaven and earth", by the master of ceremonies, one worship heaven and earth, two worship the high hall, three is husband and wife worship.

Scale stem:

After entering the bridal chamber, the groom picks out the red cover of the bride with the scale culm, take meaning "satisfied with your heart".


In the wedding ceremony, large red pairs of candles are used to ignite in the hall and the bridal chamber. Because there are many gold and silver dragon decorations on it, it is called "flower candle".

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