Wedding photo style in Europe and America
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Wedding photo style in Europe and America
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At present, the more popular European style wedding shooting has two kinds, one is the linear flow of change, gorgeous color. And basically be romantic form is given priority to, in the setting that take is given priority to with marble more, deserve to go up again next the knitted fabric of diversiform colour, Europe type canvas, whole style looks very luxurious richly.

Still have a kind with light and fine curve adornment, the effect is elegant, kind, luxurious atmosphere, romance. Through the perfect curve, excelsior details, give a person endless comfortable feeling, harmony is the highest state of European style.

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Actually in the European wedding photo shooting, new people if choosing in palace or some large construction, better know about these places some history and culture, because most of them is given priority to with romantic Europe, and to understand the culture, we can according to the history of romantic overtones mission as the theme to shoot wedding photos. This gives the whole a sense of mystery.

The European style that only beautiful restores ancient ways always can let a person feel another lasting appeal, if high princess place oneself is in flourishing palace, have the feeling of a kind of fairy tale story more. White carved wall, full of European romantic atmosphere; Tall wooden doors and Windows, showing a nostalgic taste; Green curtain design, a fresh rural flavor, some of the external walls of the bar decoration is full of romantic atmosphere.

European style wedding photos, mainly based on romance, so the new people in the shooting of these types of wedding photos, must pay attention to their performance, to love with a kind of high respect in the inside, to take this kind of wedding photos.

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