Traditional Chinese wedding taboo
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Traditional Chinese wedding taboo
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Traditional Chinese wedding taboo is a lot of, fast into the wedding hall of the new people need to remember to hold a traditional wedding need to taboo a lot of things. Now more and more people favor Chinese traditional wedding, many small details in the wedding do a good job to make the finishing point, but not careful to do wrong on the wedding festival atmosphere.

1, flowers easy to wither, so the wedding taboo, only the flowers and pomegranate can not help. Because the former red petals from the heart of the leaves, its shape can mean leap woman married, honesty and other husbands, the latter means more children and grandchildren.

2, the bride's clothes bogey have pockets, so as not to take away the family wealth.

3, after the bed to the wedding eve, the bridegroom to avoid a person alone to sleep in a new bed, to find a minor boy, and the groom to sleep in a new bed. Otherwise "vulgar" trapped empty shop, undead character was shown, die is also a "considered to be inauspicious.

4, the wedding day, the bride go out, sister-in-law are to avoid, can not send. Because "gu" with "gu" homonym, and "sister-in-law" with "sweep" homonym, are unlucky.

On the wedding day, when the bride leaves her parents' home, everyone should cry as soon as possible.

6, after the wedding three days, the new return, must be in the day before sunset back to the husband's house, can not stay. In case there is a special reason not to go home, the husband and wife also have to sleep separately, so as to avoid the bride's honeymoon blood, the collision of the family to make the family bad luck.

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7, on the way to marry, if the sedan and sedan meet, called "xi xi," will bring bad luck. The solution is for fireworks to be set off, or for matchmakers to exchange flowers in preparation for each other. This is called flower exchange.

8, pregnant women and people with filial piety can not see the new people go out or through the door, not to touch the new clothes and all items of the new house.

It is also common and not a problem for the bride to leave her home or to weep with joy when the groom picks her up at the bride's home (even if it is a good thing, leaving the "water head" in the bride's home). But after the door to the men can not shed tears.

10, the bride on the wedding day to wear "old shoes". All wedding dress shoes, embroidered shoes and evening shoes should be all new. If new shoes are hard and uncomfortable, you should wear a soft leather with good quality. The shoes should be slightly loose and cushioned. High heels should not be worn too high.

11, the bride should be careful, don't step on the groom's shoes, there will be a sense of shame.

12, the bride into the men's house, bogey threshold, should cross the past.

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