The unqualified medicines in this sampling inspection

The unqualified medicines in this sampling inspection
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In addition to the random inspection of drug quality, in the special work of risk hazards investigation in the field of pharmaceutical distribution since Guangdong Province, regulating the market of Chinese medicinal materials is also a major focus of special remediation.

The unqualified medicines in this sampling inspection mainly include: traits, weight differences, loading differences, disintegration time limit, dissolution time limit, dissolution rate, related substances, content determination, etc. There were 117 practicing pharmacists; there were 174 practicing pharmacists who issued the 'Practice Pharmacist' uot; behavior inspection situation notice, announcing the existence of quot; behavior. It was found that 756 companies failed to sell prescription drugs in accordance with regulations, 38 companies withdrew GSP certificates, and 6 companies withdrew licenses. The author understands that since the pharmacist's registration behavior was exposed on 3.

According to the 'Thirteenth Five-Year Plan' National Drug Safety Plan, by 2020, there will be more than 4 licensed pharmacists per 10,000 population, and all the main managers of retail pharmacies will be licensed pharmacists, and licensed pharmacists will be responsible for the rational use of drugs during business hours, but At present, the gap between licensed pharmacists is large. For drugs that fail inspection, the Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration has instructed thermal bonding machine the relevant municipal market supervision bureaus to take necessary control measures such as sealup, seizure, suspension of sales, and recalls, and investigate and deal with manufacturing enterprises and sampled units in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. and the Ningning tablets of Changchun

Wande Pharmaceutical Co. 113 drug retail companies revoked the GSP certificate At the same time, the special rectification carried out by the Guangdong Drug Administration also strengthened the management of drug retail terminals, and rectified the licensed pharmacists' 'license registration' to effectively ensure the safety of public medication. The Guangdong Drug Administration recently issued the 'Announcement No.

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