The paper is torn up by the distance between the corns

The paper is torn up by the distance between the corns
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Camera vendors themselves are hard to find and need a paper bag factory to help them quietly modify The ingenious thing over here is actually the distance between the corns and the upper edge of the paper bag. After receiving this box from the camera packaging carton manufacturer, the merchant should remember to check whether the corners of the mounting paper are damaged or damaged, because this beer method Process, broken mounting paper, rough mounting paper, and normal mounting paper at obtuse angles are more difficult to distinguish.

However, usually, there is not so much expertise to do this job, so it is concluded based on experience and lessons, small and medium-sized The distance between the paper bag and the top of the paper bag is between 1. The box structure of a gift box packaging factory is basically completed in this way; the other is commonly known as the V slot For the beer technology, a V-shaped die is pushed from the side of the cardboard to the other end. Then first talk about the beer-to-blade technology. In fact, this phenomenon has released a subtle message that clamshell boxes have also been gradually phased out.More and more camera and video camera manufacturers are starting to find packaging factories to make gift boxes with world covers. Because the carrying rope is too heavy,

the paper is torn up by the distance between the corns and the paper bag. We don't often see the portable rope break by itself, but we often see that the portable rope china tie box suppliers tears the paper bag from the corns but we often see it.. The inner box is actually able to see the traces left by the V slot, which is the material of the inner cardboard. Generally, the appearance of the inner material is not very good. The cardboard material is cut from top to bottom. If the paper bag is larger, the distance will be extended to 2. , It becomes the corner of a box, but the torn tear is exposed to the outside, and the crack can be blocked by mounting paper

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