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These demonstration projects

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Use the passive house of energy-saving doors and windows, how high is the cost? "Passive buildings, winter don't need to be heated, summer is not air conditioning, live and very comfortable." The practical application in the construction of the project, experience the practical effect of the passive room, during the 23rd all passive room meeting, launched the project viewing theme activities, preparations guests Guanmo Residential Park Experience Center, Gaobeidian Train New City, National Green Smart Wholesale Shower Stalls
 Building Demonstration Center These demonstration projects, these projects are the centralized display of the "N + 3" integrated system of the Lokan by the Aoyun Shunda Group. The residential park experience center built in O'Runshida Group, a special energy-saving, economic practical, capacity, and wisdom natural type, different types of demonstration homes, have attracted very interesting people. "The doors and windows of this residential are used by passive doors and windows, which does not require traditional heating, refrigeration equipment. No matter what hairy weather, indoors are always maintained at constant temperature, constant humidity, oxygen, constant, clear.“

 Route glass is an indispensable accessory of a routing car. It mainly plays a protective role, so it is very important for the car. Yongang glass is a successful in terms of a ride glass. In the seven years of the establishment, Yonggang Glass has become one of the giant enterprises of the car glass. Regardless of the penetration of the industry, it has a high level, and there is also a considerable strength on the technical level. With the increasing demand for the comfort, safety and theesture of the RV, plus the importance of the vehicle glass has the advantages, functionality, functionality of the vehicle glass to achieve differentiated competition attract consumers, and the importance of the car glass has continued to increase.

Types of Glass Additional functions of the RV also become more diverse. And the permanent glass is also increased research in the safety of the glass glass, and has developed more suitable for defense "warriors" under various weather and various harsh environments. With a strong comprehensive research strength and advanced technology, Yong Gang Glass is based on the special research on the glass industry in the glass industry.

It has successfully developed the new acid-based coating technology. Effectively solve the problem of glass is easy to suffer, so that the quality and safety of the RV glass becomes more free, allowing RV to safely travel safely in harsh weather and environment, add a safety protection barrier to the vehicle personnel. This room car glass also adopts new bioanic membrane infection techniques during processing, which can effectively soothes and prevent dust and other foreign bodies to adsorb nuclear and erosion of glass, thereby ensuring the safety of driving vehicles. In 2018, Montangang Glass Car Glass has been recognized by foreign manufacturers and purchased a lot, and successfully pushed the neoplast glass to abroad. This is a leapstick of the permanent glass. And all the results are inseparable from the chairman of the Yong Kong Glass, he once said that he is a person who can make a plane glass, not to mention the car glass! Since its establishment,