NEVERWINTER - PC release date for the Infernal Descent extension has been fixed

NEVERWINTER - PC release date for the Infernal Descent extension has been fixed
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Neverwinter Zen PS4 Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announced that Infernal Descent will be the next major expansion for Neverwinter. From January 21 2020 the extension will be available for the PC and at a later date for the consoles. Neverwinter will soon make you hell literally when Wizards of the Coast's latest tabletop adventure Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus becomes playable. You team with new heroes to free the Vallenhas estate from the fiery depths of Avernus.

Infernal Descent introduces you to Neverwinter's first Tier 80 campaign a new Endgame vault and the Vallenhas Estate torn into the depths of hell as a new adventure zone. To give you a taste of the impending hellish journey on Thursday November 21 2019 Neverwinter launches the Hellhole event on your PC for three weeks giving you the chance to join forces with the horrors of the lower levels measure up.

Over the next three weeks in a infernal arena you will step into the lower levels against the hordes of hell. There are glyphs that provide additional powers including magical shields tempo bones and destructive energy. The challenges become more difficult with each passing week until finally the last survivors are proclaimed the champions of the hell pit. The winners are happy about new rewards and great fame.

In Faerûn the chaos breaks out as the Vallenhas estate and cheap Neverwinter Zen Accountsurrounding area are moved to Avernus the first level of the Nine Hells. This happens against the background of the blood war a never-ending conflict between demons and devils. You and the Paladin Alric Vallenhas and the Bard Etrien Sael embark on a great quest into the Nine Hells to protect the Vallenhas estate from demonic invaders.

Infernal Descent also offers new storylines demonic encounters and other exciting content based on Descent Into Avernus. Further details will be released when the extension launches on January 21 2020 for the PC.

Neverwinter appeared on July 19 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and before that for the PC as well as the Xbox One.

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