The customer picked some yarn and touched it to sort them

The customer picked some yarn and touched it to sort them
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When I saw all kinds of yarn, my eyes were spent. (1), the feel and strength of yarn: cotton yarn and hemp yarn feel hard, wool yarn feel very soft.. The cotton fiber is slender and soft, and the length is very short. I am very curious about this. The customer told me that visual inspection of the touch can distinguish the quality of the yarn.

The customer picked some yarn and touched it to sort them. (2), the elongation of the yarn: when the fiber is stretched, the elongation of cotton and hemp is smaller; the elongation of wool and acetate fiber is longer; the elongation of silk, viscose fiber and most synthetic fibers is moderate. When identifying apparel fabrics, in addition to touching and observing the fabric, the yarn can also be removed from the fabric edge for identification. [How to distinguish yarns by hand visual inspection]

The method of hand visual inspection of full-scale yarns is to use hand touch, eye observation, and judge the type of fiber based High Intermingled Yarns Suppliers on experience. When it is broken by hand, the strength of silk, hemp, cotton and synthetic fibers is better; wool, viscose fibers and acetate fibers are worse. Silk, viscose and nylon yarns have a moderate feel. Silk is long and slender, and has a special luster.The short article last time went to a yarn storage warehouse with the customer. (4), the weight of the yarn: cotton, hemp, viscose fiber is heavier than silk; nylon, acrylic, polypropylene is lighter than silk; wool, polyester, vinylon, acetate fiber and silk are similar in weight. (3), the length and uniformity of the yarn: natural fiber length,

poor uniformity, chemical fiber length and uniformity. Hemp fiber vertebrae are colloidal and hard. Wool is long and curly, soft and elastic. This method is simple and does not require any equipment, but requires the discriminator to have rich experience

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