The rough machining of EDM generally adopts long discharge

The rough machining of EDM generally adopts long discharge
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It quickly condenses UHP Graphite Electrode the working fluid and forms solid metal particles, which are taken away by the working fluid. EDM is mainly used for processing molds and parts with complex shapes of holes and cavities; processing various hard and brittle materials, such as cemented carbide and quenched steel; processing deep and fine holes, special-shaped holes, deep grooves, Narrow slits and cutting sheets, etc. During finishing, small current discharge must reduce the discharge pulse time, which not only increases the electrode loss, but also greatly reduces the processing speed.  

Electrode corrosion resistant materials such as copper, graphite, copper-tungsten alloy and molybdenum are commonly used in tool electrodes with good conductivity, high melting point and easy processing..  

2: EDM carbon slag and slag discharge    EDM machining can only proceed smoothly under the conditions of carbon slag generation and carbon slag elimination. In terms of the control system, from simply maintaining the discharge gap initially, controlling the advance and retreat of the tool electrode, it has gradually developed to use a microcomputer to timely control various factors such as electrical parameters and non-electrical parameters. It is also known as electrical discharge machining or electrical erosion machining. Rough machining is realized with high power and low loss, and the intermediate and finishing electrodes have relatively large losses, but in general, the intermediate and finishing allowances are small, so the electrode losses are also very small, which can be compensated by machining size control, or It is ignored when it does not affect the accuracy requirements.

The rough machining of EDM generally adopts long discharge pulse and large current discharge, and the processing speed is fast and the electrode loss is small. Classification According to the form of the tool electrode and the characteristics of relative movement with the workpiece, the EDM method can be divided into five categories: the use of forming tool electrodes, the EDM processing for simple feed movement relative to the workpiece; the use of axial movement 

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