Atlas is a new thing for ARK creators

Atlas is a new thing for ARK creators
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Survival Evolved CD Key If you do not have enough to cross the seven seas then look at ATLAS

Studio Wildcard (ARK: Survival Evolved) has announced the Atlas MMO.

In Atlas we can create our own pirate and launch to hunt giant whales or fight against all kinds of mythical creatures.

ATLAS is a pirate MMO game that will hit Xbox One and Steam. Studio Wildcard - creator of ARK: Survival Evolved is responsible for production.

ATLAS will go to Steam buy Ark Accountsand Xbox Game Preview on December 13 and will have 40,000 players at the same time. The player's task will be not only to rent a better crew looting settlements but also to expand their influence on the entire globe by building a colony. In addition the participants of this adventure will be able to discover forgotten tombs or meet mythical creatures.

Atlas will arrive at PC next week. Next year will be released on Xbox Game Preview.

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