Fallout 76 Scorchbeast Update:Fallout 76’s next patch

Fallout 76 Scorchbeast Update:Fallout 76’s next patch
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buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps Fallout 76 hasn’t exactly been great for Bethesda. Just a few of the problems stemming from the game include potential lawsuits about deceptive trade practices and an obscenely large download being required upon inserting the disc. Those incidents are unfortunately only the tip of the iceberg. Nevertheless some players have stuck around but unfortunately for Bethesda Fallout 76’s next patch has now upset them too.

A big feature of Patch 6 is updates to Scorchbeast encounters. Bethesda says many players have provided feedback on Scorchbeasts and Scorchbeast Queens and so changes were needed.

According to Polygon several members of the remaining Fallout 76 community feel like this next patch completely misses the point. The main focus of the patch is the game’s Scorchbeasts. One change reduces the frequency of their sonic scream attack. Another change prevents the same crafting plan from dropping every time a player kills a Scorchbeast Queen.

As for when Patch 6 will actually release cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps we don’t know yet. All Bethesda has mentioned so far is the update will come “later this month.” It’s likely we’ll see the Scorchbeast changes and all other tweaks and modifications from Patch 6 in a week or two.

Even Bethesda’s weekly “Inside the Vault” post which summed up the changes couldn’t avoid drawing further ire from fans. The article closed out with a hard-sell to players of an in-game buff that can be purchased with real money. Bethesda’s selling practices related to Fallout 76 have already attracted the scorn of many so this is unlikely to help matters.

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