Bethesda announced Fallout 76 would be online with multiplexer
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Bethesda announced Fallout 76 would be online with multiplexer
14 ม.ค. 62 , View: 18 , Post : 0 Despite 76's common pitfalls no game has failed in the way it has on this large of a stage. While the game had detractors from the beginning its barely polished design threadbare quality control muddy design goals and disregard of its fans has left Bethesda in serious trouble. These are significant negatives that anchor the game to its 52% Meta critic rating but running parallel to these issues is a game that is fundamentally pointless.

The first thing to do is to obtain a Nuclear Key card. To find one of these you'll need to retrieve it from a Revertible somewhere in Appalachia. When you destroy the Revertible and its escorts you can get the Key card from the box it drops. Note that each Nuclear Key card can be used no more than once. As a result you'll need to repeat this task every time you want to launch a nuke. The second step is to obtain a complete launch code. These can be assembled out of eight Nuclear Code Pieces which are held by random Ghouls and Scorched Officers across Appalachia. Both the Revertible and the enemies holding the Code Pieces can be tracked with the White spring Bunker Surveillance System.

One group of players craftily accomplish some end-game stuff on day one launching a nuke at a spot on the map with the highest level enemies. They do this using some community-created tools that make cracking the codes to launch the nukes relatively quick and easy.

Traversing and interacting with the colourful hills of West Virginia leaves players with an empty feeling not merely due to the scarcity of assets and quests but because the philosophical and design foundation of the game itself is built on uneven ground.

Here's where things started getting confusing. There was actually a huge audience pop when it was announced that Fallout 76 would be online with multiplexer but we think the automatic assumption at that moment was that F76 was either a Fallout MMO or a traditional Fallout game with co-op both exciting ideas in their own right. But it's obviously neither which wasn't made clear and nor was it obvious that each of those characters is a real person meant we have removed human N PCs from the game entirely.

Now that you have a Nuclear Keycard and a Launch Code you need to head for Mama Dolce's Food Processing which can be found in the Forest. This unassuming site hides a major secret; the Fujiniya Intelligence Base. This hidden Chinese base can be accessed via a hatch in the side of a pipe on the southeastern corner of the Mama Dolce's building.

Lacking the strange settlements cultists and roving bands of maniacs seen in previous installments due to a complete absence of non-player characters Fallout 76 feels more like a map populated by clones of abandoned buildings and slavering mutants as opposed to the dark savagely fun remains of a world torn apart by nukes.

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