Apex Legends is still enjoying massive popularity
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Apex Legends is still enjoying massive popularity
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http://powersellersforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7596308 Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment's free-to-play battle royale game has seen huge success since its release on PC PS4 and Xbox One in February earlier this year but one playerbase has been curiously left out from partaking in the fun. Despite it being the ideal game for quick-fire rounds on the daily commute Apex Legends has not yet released on the Nintendo Switch nor have Respawn or Nintendo announced any plans to bring the title to the portable platform.

But Drew McCoy Project Lead on Apex Legends may have just teased a potential Switch port in the works as part of a recent Twitter Q&A for Wired. Skip to the 7.15 part of the video and you can find McCoy responding to a question about Apex Legends coming to Switch.

Apex Legends is still enjoying massive popularity http://la2zone.myforum.ro/here-vp493.html#493 but its players are naturally wondering at this point about upcoming features for the free-to-play battle royale. A leave penalty was accidentally included in a recent patch and when Respawn disabled it players took to Reddit to ask when they’d see it fully implemented. One of Respawn’s developers took some time to carefully explain why the studio is hesitant to announce upcoming game features and the response is applicable to just about any game.

“Unfortunately http://84272.homepagemodules.de/t10207f2-Evertale-offers-an-exciting-adventure-for-single-player.html#msg12188 there are far more things for us to spend our development time on than there is time so we have to prioritize,” the developer who goes by Scriptacus on Reddit wrote. “In the end that’s going to leave someone unhappy because what they feel is important isn’t prioritized as highly as they think it should be. That’s just reality and we can’t make everyone happy.”

Talking about specific features like the leave penalty (which would help cut down on spammers in the character selection screen for one thing) and duos mode before the studio is ready to announce them just isn’t a good idea Scriptacus said. http://kibweziwest.co.ke/connect/blogs/250/515/evertale-is-a-fantasy-role-playi“Just mentioning this kind of stuff gets taken as a promise,” they wrote. “The timeline starts the moment it’s mentioned… and everyone has a different expectation of what’s a reasonable timeline… and many people heavily underestimate what is required.”

Scriptacus (accurately) points out that developers talking about adding a feature to the game “someday” would “likely get picked up by blogs and gaming news sites,” and “depending how those articles are written http://immortaldarkness.myforum.ro/viewtopic.php?p=948#948 they’re going to set expectations incorrectly for a lot of people.”

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