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How to Use a Sod Assay Kit

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In order to use a Sod Assay Kit, you must perform a standard reagent preparation. Generally, this preparation is prepared in a tabletop centrifuge. For a more accurate test, you should mix the samples in the proper dilution buffer and prepare them for analysis. After collecting the samples, elute the blood with citrate or EDTA and centrifuge them at 1,000 x g for 10 min at 4degC. Once you have removed the blood from the centrifuge, pellet the red cells and resuspension into a 5x dilution of ice-cold distilled water.
Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is a key enzyme in antioxidative processes. This enzyme converts the superoxide ion into hydrogen peroxide or molecular oxygen. There are several ways to measure SOD activity, including enzyme Sod Assay Kit factory enzymatic assays and biochemical reactions. A commonly used reagent is nitroblue tetrazolium, which has poor solubility in water. Another common SOD activity assay kit uses Dojindo's WST-1, which is a water-soluble formazan dye.
For assessing SOD activity, ELS offers a variety of SOD products. This SOD Assay Kit is highly versatile and can distinguish between three isoenzymes, including cytosolic and mitochondrial SOD. Using this kit, you can measure total SOD activity in cell lysates, serum, or gastric mucosa homogenates. It is compatible with 96-well plate readers and is highly sensitive.
To perform the SOD Assay, you need to add SOD working solution 2 to the wells of the test samples, SOD standard, and blank control. Once you have completed the sample preparation, you should add the test samples. This procedure is repeated four times with the same results. The SOD Assay Kit is highly accurate and highly useful for evaluating the effects of UV/Cl2 exposure on the oxidation product.
To determine SOD activity, you need a reagent with a certain amount of SOD in your body. One unit of SOD represents half the maximal inhibition of Nitro blue tetrazolium reduction at 25degC. The solution must also be pH 7.8. It is important to note that the minimum amount of SOD is 10 mg. For a more accurate measurement, you will need a standard to convert the relative enzyme activity to absolute activity.
If you are planning to perform a soil analysis, this kit will provide a quantitative estimate of SOD activity. The kit can be purchased online, but it is important to note that it is only for research purposes. Moreover, it is not approved for human consumption. The kit is covered by a 6-month guarantee. It is therefore crucial to note that you should consult with a professional before ordering a Sod Assay Kit.