The boiler that is heated by the high-temperature waste heat

The boiler that is heated by the high-temperature waste heat
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In the production of solid preparation tablets, mixing and granulation are the keys to determine the quality of the tablet or capsule. The work efficiency is 4-5 times higher than the traditional process, and its advantages are very prominent. Waste heat boilers are also called waste heat boilers, which use high-temperature exhaust gas generated by various devices to heat water to generate steam or hot water, and reuse the generated steam or hot water to achieve waste heat reuse. According to a manufacturer, each batch of high-speed mixing granulator is dry mixed for 2 minutes and granulated for 1-4 minutes.

In addition, the boiler that is heated by the high-temperature waste heat originally discharged in industrial production can also be used for power generation and heating. According to industry sources, there are generally two ways to reduce the heat loss of high-speed granulators, including avoiding overload of high-speed mixing granulators and optimizing heat transfer, but a more effective method is to strictly control the fuel-air ratio if the operation is close to the fuel-air ratio , Can also control fuel consumption. From the working principle, the high-speed mixing granulator is supported syringe printing by the fuselage, the pot is the material holder, the stirring rotation and the cutting flying knife drive are the power, and the stirring paddle is used to stir the materials, so that the materials are rolled and mixed evenly in a short time.

The high-speed mixing granulator is also a solid preparation pharmaceutical equipment that has developed rapidly in recent years. In recent years, with the continuous development of granulation technology and the continuous improvement of the requirements of pharmaceutical companies, traditional wet granulation equipment has been gradually replaced by high-speed mixing granulators. In addition, to reduce the heat loss of the high-speed mixing granulator, you can usually use the existing control equipment for maintenance.

Because the exhaust gas leaving the high temperature part can enter the relatively cold feed load, the energy will be transferred to the preheat load, which greatly reduces the energy discharged by the exhaust pipe, thereby effectively using the waste heat in the exhaust gas. 

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