The manual control device should be installed in a conspicuous

The manual control device should be installed in a conspicuous
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In the event of an emergency stop bottle blowing machine during operation, press the red mushroom-shaped emergency stop button on the control panel nearby. l Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent: Fire caused plastic machine factory by installing electric wires in electrical cabinet.8. l Sand: If the plastic in the supply container (barrel or box) catches fire, stop feeding immediately and cover the plastic with sand.

Use fire extinguishing media recommended by our company when extinguishing a fire. The power cannot be turned on before the machine checks normal operation. Immediately remove the supply container placed in the production area. If the extruder assembly catches fire due to plastic melting, immediately stop feeding the extruder when it catches fire; use sand to extinguish the burning plastic. 1. l Foam fire extinguishing agent: It can be used in the extruder and die assembly.2 Fire protection to ensure that the main switch can be cut off immediately in the event of a fire

When customers install the auxiliary equipment of the machine by themselves, they must also pay attention to safety issues. l When auxiliary equipment has a dangerous action, install a safety cover. l When installing auxiliary equipment, turn off the main power of the machine. l Install a complete protection circuit and emergency stop button, and the circuit must meet relevant standards. l Turn off the main power of auxiliary equipment when working in the auxiliary equipment hazardous area.

l Make regular maintenance on auxiliary equipment. l The manual control device should be installed in a conspicuous place in the hazardous area. l If the operation area for installing auxiliary equipment is near the hazardous area, an emergency stop button must be additionally installed. The blow molding machine absorbs the essence of advanced blow molding technology in Europe. Based on the strong R D team established in China and Europe, with advanced technical design, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, it has occupied high-end blow molding bottles at home and abroad.

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