For Honor had managed to accumulate 4.4M players

For Honor had managed to accumulate 4.4M players
15 พ.ค. 62 , View: 6 , Post : 0 For Honor continued to stand out from the crowd though even after all it has been through. Despite being out for over 2 years now For Honor had managed to accumulate a mere 4.4M players on the system and showed major signs of distrust when the game first launched. With the addition of the 3.3M players in February alone For Honor now has a player based of 7.7M players on the PlayStation 4. That's an increase of over 75% over the course of a single month if the stats are correct per se. If true the larger player based could have been due to the massive price reductions that we hitting the game over the past few months.

According to reports Apex Legends For Honor as well as Hitman completely dominated the PlayStation 4 market. Apex Legends had earlier this month revealed some massive news regarding Apex Legends reporting that they have amassed over 50 Million players within 1 month of its launch. And based on the report we have here it seems like a larger part of them came from the PlayStation 4. 2019 is off to an amazing start. Following the announcement of Apex Legends Respawn Legends the folks behind Apex Legends completely shook the competition by introducing its take on the whole Battle Royale genre. A report by the folks over at gamstat reveal the top 20 games of February 2019 and it seems to be cheesier than ever.

From now until 8am EDT on March 28th players will see a transformation come over the game. The main menu face-off screen thematic orders and themed soldiers and objectives have all got a new look. Players will be able to take part in a new limited-time 4v4 mode Battle of Attrition where the Attackers try to conquer zones while the Defenders try to kill them all to earn points for your team. As the name of the event suggests the Black Prior's Riposte centers on the Black Prior Vortiger and is based on the events of Season 5 Campaign 3 of the Faction War.

Those who log into the game during the event period will receive new emblem outlines to use. There will be a variety of event-exclusive items to loot too such as weapons the Vortiger's Hawk ornament Vortiger's Riposte battle outfit and Vortiger's Dark Oath effect. In the store new Anima outfits Ardent Aquila for the Knights Vengeful Valravn for the Vikings Fortunate Fukuro for the Samurai and Zealous Zhu Que for the Wu Lin can each be purchased for 20,000 Steel while Vortiger's Ascent a new free-roam emote can be purchased for 10,000 Steel.

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