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Graduated Pipette Tips

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A Graduated Pipette is a device that dispenses a specific volume of sample. Micropipettes are available in different configurations, and different sizes and shapes of tips will fit different pipettes. Graduated pipette tips are designed to ensure accuracy and are compatible with different micropipette formats. These tips are available in bulk, racked, and reload systems. These tips are RNase free and made of virgin polypropylene. They can be used for micropipettes with a 96-well standard, as well as with 8 and 12-channel pipettes.
Certified Universal Graduated Pipette Tips are manufactured by Globe Scientific, and feature non-cytotoxic NoStick(r) resin. These  Graduated Pipette Tips  pipette tips are produced with state-of-the-art, fully automated manufacturing processes to ensure consistency, precision, and quality. They are also available in a variety of packaging options, including reach-in bags, racks, and reloading stacks.
For ease of use, graduated pipette tips have graduated markings on their sides. Unlike standard pipettes, these tips are designed to have the right volume in the tip and prevent sample carryover. This allows for more accurate results. They are also good training wheels for those new to the lab. Aspiration is a common cause of pipette contamination, and throwing away a contaminated tip is much easier than sending an entire pipette in for repair.
While pipettes have multiple sizes and shapes, the most important consideration is precision and accuracy. Incorrectly fitted tips can contaminate reagents and samples, and cause repetitive stress injury. Investing in good tips will pay off in the long run. These tips are well worth the extra expense. And if you want optimum performance, you will need a good quality pipette. If you do not know which size you need, consult a guide.
One of the most popular types of Graduated Pipette Tips is the small one-piece graduated transfer pipette. These are used for single-use liquid transfers and are manufactured from unbreakable polyethylene. Their gradations are graduated and allow for reproducible spotting. They can be calibrated to deliver a precise fixed volume up to four significant figures. The accuracy of graduated pipettes is crucial for ensuring accurate, reproducible results, and better quality lab workflows.
Two major types of Graduated Pipette Tips are Mohr and Serological. The first type is a drain-out pipete, with a straight tube and graduation marks that indicate 0.10 millilitres, and 0.0034 US fl oz. The latter type is generally less expensive and is also available in convenient reloads and bulk sets. Neither of these tips are sterile, although you can sterilize them using an autoclave.