The combined die is fixed to the lower template 26
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The combined die is fixed to the lower template 26
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cylinder, see) As a new type of elastic element, it has been widely used. It is necessary to set and adjust the preload. The device consists of a bottom plate 31, a ejector rod 1 and an ejector sleeve 6, and a guide plate 8 is provided to guide the ejector sleeve.  Replace the disc spring () with a nitrogen spring.

The combined die is fixed to the lower template 26 with the screw 13 by the compression sleeve, and the lower bottom plate 28, the base 3, and the lower template 26 are fixed together with the screw 2. According to its working conditions, to ensure a high safety factor, it is required to have a high fatigue resistance of the blank length%, that is, no fatigue cracks occur under high temperature and high pressure variable load conditions, and high wear resistance is also required.   

The Medical treatment drip chamber is highly versatile, as long as it is replaced Punch 12, lower punch 7, female die 11, pre-stressed sleeve 10, limit sleeve 23 and ejector sleeve 6, you can process a variety of piston pins. The upper mold base can be used to process the storage cylinder. and the upper bearing block 18; the lower end of the lower punch 7 is also designed as a cone of 10*, the lower bearing block 4. The role of radial stress is prone to tangential fracture when the strength is insufficient. When the piston pin is working, there is relative sliding between the pin seat and the connecting rod bushing.

The heat treatment hardness is HRC60~65, and it is fully tempered.3 Elastic element The elastic element used in this compound die is a disc spring, which is low in cost and easy to replace.01, the matching accuracy of the guide column and guide sleeve is not less than 7 grades.    After the piston pin is cold-extruded with this die, the accuracy and surface quality of the parts are improved and reduced.   

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