Fabrics for diapers and sanitary napkins

Fabrics for diapers and sanitary napkins
เกริ่นเรื่อง: Airlaid Paper Company
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(X) Houseware non-woven Airlaid Paper Company fabric Wiping cloth, shoe cloth, suit cover, bag cloth, bedding collection bag, pillowcase, chair sand cover, gift bag, tea bag, kitchen filter residue, water filter bag. (7) Automotive industry Seat covers, sun visors, soft door cushions, roof and luggage compartment padding and covering materials, heat and sound insulation materials, vaporizers, air filters, tufted carpet base fabrics; needle-punched loop-type molded carpets, sofa Cushion material. (2) Non-woven fabric for household decoration Carpets and flooring materials; Carpet backing Curtains and curtains;

Tablecloths, bed covers, wall stickers; Cloth for mattress and furniture; artificial turf. (4) Footwear and imitation leather non-woven fabric Fabric, artificial suede; Lining of shoes, bags and suitcases; Middle lining and support (reinforcement) material.; High temperature resistant and anti-corrosion filter material: used to filter high temperature, corrosive tail gas and dust discharged from industrial furnaces (6) Geotextile Geotextile ditch for underground drainage and irrigation; Geotextiles used for drainage and separation in road and railway construction; Geotextiles for shore slope dam reinforcement; geotextiles for bridge engineering; waste storage ponds; impervious geotextiles for artificial pools; waterproof asphalt base fabrics.(1)

Non-woven fabrics (non-woven fabrics) for medical use Fabrics for diapers and sanitary napkins; surgical blouses, caps, shoe covers, masks, face masks, hospital patients, bed sheets, cushions, pillowcases, anti-bacterial curtains; wet towels, cotton balls, sterile cloths; Artificial skin; basic materials for labor protective clothing used in radiation; medical tape base cloth, bandage base cloth, wound dressing, wound cushion, blood-sucking cloth. (9) Agricultural non-woven fabrics Household harvest cloth, frost-proof cloth, insect-proof cloth, soil moisture-proof cloth, seedling-raising cloth, greenhouse. (11) Other Disk pad Coated base fabric; Packaging Materials; Special paper (advanced banknote printing paper

, ID card, map cloth, calendar cloth, oil car calligraphy cloth). (8) Industrial non-woven fabrics Oil absorption materials for port sea surface oil removal and oil recovery area recovery; Electrical insulation materials; battery separator cloth; industrial polishing materials; Glass fiber reinforced plastic substrate, industrial tape substrate, industrial hose substrate.). (3) Non-woven fabrics for clothing Decorative lining of various clothes; Winter warmth flakes; Outerwear and underwear; Clothing accessories (clothing labels, laces, bras, shoulder pads, etc.. (5) Filter material Conventional filter material: used for air conditioning, kitchen smoke filter, beverage liquid filtration, etc

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