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SWTOR Manaan Daily Regional Guide

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Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based on the Star Wars universe, Manaan has several completely different areas, and players need to QT or slide between them. But players don't know the tricks, so this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the SWTOR Manaan daily area, including single player missions, heroes and rewards, and more. You can prepare enough SWTOR Credits in advance.


How to enter Manaan Daily Area

The Manaan Daily Area and its associated storyline will only be available after you have completed the 7.0 story, in other words, you must have completed the main story of Manaan to be released with Legacy of the Sith. You need to do this for each character individually. Manaan has 1 Weekly, 1 Daily Patrol, 6 Solo Daily and 3 Heroes. Weekly quests only require you to complete 6 quests in the Manaan daily area, so any combination of 9 quests will do. Since the mobs in the hero zone have more health, and two of them have bosses at the end, it's best to stick to single player missions if you're worried about the speed of your attacks.


Manaan Daily Zone

Manaan has several completely different areas between which you mainly need to QT or glide. This way, most of the single-player missions are in the ancient city of Serkas, though you'll still need to visit the public arrivals port and the Imperial Corto refinery platform, as they each have a dedicated mission. The public arrival port and the underwater visitor dome house all 3 heroes.


Solo Mission Walkthroughs and Tips

For the most part, single-player missions are pretty straightforward. Defeat these enemies, loot this specific thing from this type of enemy, click on this blue thing and you're done.


Recommended paths for single-player daily tasks

I recommend starting with the Imperial Kolto Refining Platform or the Public Arrivals Port, as defeating the enemy is one of your tasks and you have to hit the console in the back.


Hero Mission Walkthroughs and Tips

All heroic deeds take place at the public arrivals port and the underwater visitor dome. They're all single-playable, though you might have some trouble with the H4's final boss, similar to other H4 bosses in the game. Your first goal is to head to the dock with all the submarines you need to scan. After scanning them, you need to connect a communication relay or something else in the ocean using the macro telescope provided for you. The waypoints on the map suggest you'll need to fight through more enemies to scan it with your macro binoculars, but you can see the poles from the submarine dock. At this point, you should have completed your mission on the ground and should be ready to head to the underwater visitor dome. Fast travel back to the public arrival port fast travel point is quicker as the lift to the underwater visitor dome is nearby.


Full List of Manaan Reputation Rewards

Manaan has reputation tracking, but no dedicated currency, so you are free to buy whatever you want as long as you meet the reputation requirements. To be clear, these rewards are completely different from those associated with Manaan Flashpoint Depth and do not cost any Manaan research data.


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