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OSUGA Toys Review by Glassgirl

เขียนโดย osuga
The OSUGA team (a sexual wellness company) asked if I would be interested in reviewing their Cuddly Bird Vibration , a oral massager, and G-Spa for G-spot and oral stimulation. Of course I said “YES!!” I'm so excited to tell you about them. 
First, can we talk about how charming the designs of these toys are? Both are bird-like in shape-when I opened the Cuddly Bird toy, I said, “OMG, ITS SO CUTE” out loud. Add in that the toy sits in a birdcage type charger, lights up, and I was almost sold on the aesthetic alone.
But more important than how a toy looks — does it work? How does it feel?
Both are made of body-safe silicone and smooth and so soft to touch. The Cuddly Bird fits perfectly in the palm of my hand, and I loved running my fingers over the ridges and texture. There are two operating buttons on the bottom to choose from. One controls the suction, and the other controls vibration, and both feel amazing. The suction was, of course, my first choice to try, and I orgasmed on the lowest setting in under 2 minutes. It was super quiet too!
Impressive, satisfying, and very effective. toys are my go-to for masturbation, and the Cuddly Bird is now my absolute favourite.
The Osuga G-spa has two sides. The massager and suction have the same functions as the Cuddly Bird, described above. The g-spot vibrator is designed for internal use. The downside to the g-spa is that the and the g-spot can’t be stimulated simultaneously. For someone like me, who doesn’t orgasm from penetration alone, the G-Spa wasn’t adequate for me unless I used the side that provides stimulation to my . If g-spot stimulation gives you orgasms, I can see this toy working for you!
A huge thank you to OSUGA for reaching out and providing these toys to me in exchange for my honest review.

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