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Highly recommend: Cuddly Bird Suction Vibrator

เขียนโดย osuga
Sucking, air, and vibrations...oh my. One of my favorite toys of all time that duals as a nightlight while it charges, the Cuddly Bird by OSUGA is one of the most incredible oral sex simulators on the market. The lowest vibration and suction (oral sex mimicker) setting is gentle enough for most folks, and it can assist vulva owners in squirting! In addition, the range of intensity is quite large, which makes this toy multipurpose and one I highly recommend having on your nightstand. 
This Cuddly Bird Vibrator is made with medical-grade silicone, shaped to fit perfectly in your hand, soft in the places you're going to want to squeeze, and firmer in the areas you need firmness. It's an absolutely brilliantly designed toy.
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