This reduces the sensitivity and cryo tubes accuracy of the balance

This reduces the sensitivity and cryo tubes accuracy of the balance
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When cleaning, use a special lens-cleaning paper or a cotton ball with a small amount of cleaning agent, wipe it in one direction, and make a circular motion from the center of the lens. After the experiment, some substances remain under the weighing pan, and there are stains on the weighing pan. It should not be too high.

Do not soak such lenses in the cleaning agent. Third, the constant temperature water bath pot in use students should know its use and precautions, so that the experiment can be carried out smoothly. In use and maintenance, you must be careful and use them strictly according to instructions , Do not loosen the connection parts of the instrument arbitrarily, and do not drop or hit the instrument to prevent damage to the optical components and affect accuracy. Do not wipe the lens vigorously, otherwise the AR coating will be scratched and the lens will be damaged. Do not place objects that are too hot or too cold on the balance pan., Ltd.

This reduces the sensitivity and cryo tubes accuracy of the balance and shortens its service life. When the air is wet and the substance has formed scale, mechanical rust removal methods should be adopted, that is, the rust layer on the parts should be removed by shovel, pick, scrape, etc. Do not put flammable and volatile chemicals in the box. It should be operated regularly according to the conditions of use for 2 to 3 days to drive away the moisture of the electrical part and avoid damage to the related devices. After use, remove the thermostat, turn off the power, remove the water from the box, and make a record of the use of the instrument. Do not add too much water to prevent the water from overflowing the pot when boiling. Do not heat without water or water level below the partition, otherwise the heating tube will be damaged. during use, the power should be turned off immediately, and a professional should check it for repair. When testing the solid sample, it is necessary to prevent the surface of the refractive prism from being pulled or indented.

Fourth, the maintenance and cleaning of common optical instruments Common optical instruments in the laboratory, such as spectrophotometers, prisms, refractometers, slides, etc. The inner wall of the box and the surface of the equipment should be wiped frequently to keep it clean and increase the transparency of the glass. During the use of the drying box, students cannot touch the box and switch with wet hands

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