The issue of experimental animal deserves our attention
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The issue of experimental animal deserves our attention
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 Providing food and 5ml Pipette tips water not only supplements nutrition and water, but also relieves the animal's nervous mood and stress response. If the young rats need long-distance transportation, it is best to wait for the weaning to be more than 4 weeks old before arranging for delivery. 6. Lab Animal, 2004, 33 (8): 29-32. Asian-australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, 2011, 25 (2): 286-290. AAALAC Guide Guide, separately listed animal transport chapters, put forward some requirements and specifications for animal transportation preparation, protection and welfare guarantee during transportation, and personnel training; 3 . And there will be different changes in different stages of transportation: ●

Early stage of transportation: under the stimulation of stress factors such as fear, pain, confinement, crowding, etc. Provisions, welfare guarantees, etc. Can mice be transported during pregnancy? Long-distance transport of female rats during late pregnancy and lactation is not recommended to prevent miscarriage or feeding. Special box for immunodeficiency mice [5] 04 Thoughtful tips1.71%. [5] Maher JA, Schub T. [4] Ying Ying,

Yang Fei. After BALB / c mice and ICR mice were transported for 1. Used 676 3-9 week old mice as the research object. But after the last lesson, I ’m going to have a summer vacation, go to a new environment, and participate in a great experiment. [2] Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals [M]. Under the optimal conditions (specified temperature, loading density, transportation environment, etc. Laboratory Rodent Transportation Supplies [J ]. In high temperature weather, it is recommended to postpone the delivery arrangements; in winter, it is best to choose day flights.;

Late transportation: After gradually adapting, the animals calm down, show indifference to the environment, and do not respond to normal stimuli, etc. Can mice be used directly in experiments after transportation? If not, how long will it take? No, you need to give adequate adaptation periods to recover from transport stress. There are some long-distance cross-provincial trips. Therefore, the issue of experimental animal deserves our attention.

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