Gardenscapes offers special events that take around 7-10 days
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Gardenscapes offers special events that take around 7-10 days
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Gardenescapes upgrades are currently 4 and are divided between those that can be used during the game (the first two below) and those that are activated at the beginning (the last two). The blade eliminates an element from the game: the element above will replace it. It is very useful if you are missing only one element of a type to finish the level and you can't get it in any other way. You can also use more than one shovel in a row. Using the shovel does not move you forward.
It is a disk that, when exchanged with one of the objects, eliminates them from the game. You can choose to have one at the beginning of the level or recharge the one always available during the game by exploding bombs. The rainbow bang recharges at a different speed depending on the level and recharges faster by blowing up more bombs at a time.
By choosing this upgrade at the beginning of the level, you will start playing with two round bombs. They will be positioned in a completely random way on the screen so it depends a little on luck how useful this upgrade will be. I find it very useful in levels where at the beginning most of the space is blocked.
This enhancement is difficult to obtain as a reward (but like the other three initials you can buy it with coins) and like the previous one, it must be chosen before starting the level. You will then begin the level with a dynamite bomb and a rainbow bang positioned randomly in the game platform. It can be useful in particularly difficult levels even if only the part of dynamite is often useful.
Every day you will find a cart with the Wheel of Fortune outside your gate. If you are connected to the internet, you can collect a prize drawn from the wheel every day. Among the most coveted prizes there are certainly the Jackpot and the little heart that symbolizes an extra life. The latter can be used whenever you want as it is contained in a letter; you can then store it and use it to your liking.
For some holidays, Gardenscapes offers special events that take around 7-10 days where new missions or new levels are available. For example, for Easter special levels have been introduced related to the Easter Rabbit. Similarly, for the Chinese New Year, separate levels had been introduced which if they were all overcome, led to the opening of a box with several prizes. Apart from bringing some novelty into the game, often these holiday periods are very useful for accumulating coins and extra upgrades. In fact, in addition to the prizes in the boxes, for every Austin festive level of 90 coins instead of the usual 50, to which are added any bonus bombs.
Often it happens to get stuck on a level and it can be tedious to repeat it for days before understanding the right strategy (or having the combination of lucky random factors) to overcome it. Levels known to be particularly difficult are the 77 Gardenescapes level, the 93 level, the 118 level, the 121 level, the 134 level and the 151 level.

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