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The machining of CNC lathes generally requires use of multiple tools

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According to the status indicator of the numerical control system, even when the flasher is defective, the location and nature of the defect can still be roughly analyzed and identified. Therefore, the status of these indicator indicators should be carefully checked in the process of repairing and removing defects.

The CNC lathe flasher flashes the alarm, which refers to the alarm that can flash the alarm number and alarm information through the CNC flasher. Since the CNC system generally has a strong self-diagnosis function, if the system's diagnosis software and flashing circuit work normally, once the system has a defect, the fault information can be displayed on the flasher in the form of an alarm number and text.

The number of alarms that can be flashed by the CNC system ranges from dozens to thousands. It is an important information for the diagnosis of defects. Disadvantages of no alarm flashing When this kind of fault occurs, neither the CNC lathe nor the system has alarm flashing, which is generally difficult Custom Rapid Prototyping Service to analyze and diagnose, and needs to be recognized through careful and careful analysis and judgment.

Especially for some early numerical control systems, due to the weak diagnosis function of the system itself, or the lack of PLC alarm information text, there are more disadvantages of no alarm flashing. Regarding the shortcomings of no-alarm flashing, it is generally necessary to analyze the situation in detail, and analyze and judge according to the changes before and after the defect occurs.

The principle analysis method and the PLC program analysis method are the primary methods to solve the shortcoming of no-alarm flashing. In the machining center, the machining of CNC lathes generally requires the use of multiple tools, so we must reasonably arrange the machining order, which is conducive to improving machining accuracy, machining efficiency and economic benefits. The selection of the positioning datum directly affects the arrangement of the processing order.