The whole system has a simple structure and complete functions

The whole system has a simple structure and complete functions
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The high-speed precision digital winding solution successfully mastered the 'KNOW HOW' in the high-speed precision winding process of yarns, all using permanent magnet motor drive technology. The “single-spindle control drive” in the picture is based on a fully digital permanent magnet AC servo driver developed by Hollysys Electric Co., Ltd.

The whole system has a simple structure and complete functions. This solution mainly realizes constant winding ratio precision cross winding and NC layered winding. Excessive tension not only fails to obtain a high-quality yarn package, but also increases yarn breakage. Winding process, equipment adjustment is difficult; the yarn guide mechanism uses grooved drums and rotating fins, which is prone to damage to some high-end yarns; at the same time, because of the mechanical transmission structure, the winding speed is not high. Beijing Helixi Motor Technology Co.

The so-called winding ratio is the number of windings of the yarn drum for each reciprocation of the traverse guide hook. A traverse motor shaft is connected to a steel wire wheel. Control, the motion relationship between the various motors can be described by parameter settings, and flexibly respond to the needs of various characteristics of the yarn winding process; the traverse guide uses a 'yarn guide', commonly known as 'rabbit head' , The damage to the yarn is very small, especially suitable for the winding of high-grade yarn-dyed yarns; in addition, because each motor has no direct transmission connection on the machine, supplemented with high-speed precision motion control software algorithms, it can easily achieve high-speed precision

Cross winding, the winding spacer wire is much faster than the mechanical loose winder, which greatly improves the winding efficiency.; traverse servo motor control Introduction In order to ensure that the yarn package has good dyeing performance, it needs to be wound at any diameter point between the full package and the yarn on the package. Designed to ensure that the motor rotor inertia is as small as possible. . The general overfeeding control value is between 1. 

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