Set arbitrary targets and achieve them through the above

Set arbitrary targets and achieve them through the above
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There is some practical use for flat reed/minor stop distinction – if a machine is running slow we can always speed it up, whereas if it is jamming we need to look at the physical mechanism and try to remove the cause of the jams (my favourite example is where we found the root cause was when metal washers were being loaded into a hopper with a metal shovel, which damaged some, which then jammed the feed – the solution was a plastic shovel!).

If we are not going to use the whole improvement cycle there is no point in measuring OEE. How to improve performance 1) Measure against customer demand (OTIF or similar) 2) Measure OEE on constraints or problem equipment 3) Set realistic performance standards 4) Analyse losses to identify issues for improvement 5) Use the whole improvement cycle. A machine is available if it is ready to produce, as opposed to being broken down or having some changes or adjustments made. The biggest misuse of OEE is to use it to compare different processes, plants or machines. How to massage your OEE 1) When the machine breaks down, log it to planned maintenance 2) Do changeovers during planned maintenance or at weekends if not 24/7 3) Use an easy performance standard 4) Measure the best machine and quote that figure 5)

Set arbitrary targets and achieve them through the above Using the above strategy you should be able to report decent OEE's and even make some money if pay is OEE performance related. In these cases it is best not to include quality in the OEE calculation and use a more customer focused measure for quality – number of complaints etc. It can then be used as a tracking measure to see if improvement is being sustained ie if control is sufficient. What this will not do however is improve your ability to meet customer demand. We can however also make a useful distinction between performance losses due to deterioration or contamination and those caused by inherent machine characteristics. Further analysis reveals breakdowns to have two fundamental types, those due to deterioration because of inadequate maintenance and those due to inherent machine characteristics.

In FMCG businesses, a customer complaint can be received three months or more after production. Performance efficiency measures the output during available time compared to a standard. The definition of availability allows for planned maintenance, when the machine is not meant to be available to production, but makes no allowance for changeovers etc. On the other hand, if it has consistently out performed the design spec you can have (and I have seen) performance figures of 140%, which can hide poor availability. 

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