Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports We should talk
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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports We should talk
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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports We should talk about the thing 2K19 MT that's overshadowed everything this season:The Most Valuable Player award debate. You made your choice last week in Russell Westbrook. 
My vote will be unveiled on Friday and I'm still mulling, quite honestly. Last week I noted that Russ and James Harden had lapped Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James and I received IMMEDIATE pushback from a friend and colleague whose opinion I value as much as anyone else's in the league. (Hi, Zach.) It's a fair point. That was me trying to push my own choice further along down the highway. No one has lapped anyone in this field. I'd be perfectly comfortable with any of the four contenders as MVP. Truly. 
This is one for the ages, I think. ZILLER: I'm too young to remember the vaunted early ’90s MVP races, but it's certainly the best race of my adult life. We had previously lamented the certitude with which Westbrook's fans claimed he was the only possible choice. It's only fair we now note that the Houston Hive is being very persistent that anyone who isn't with Harden is a fool. This whole thing Daryl Morey and Harden himself are saying about winning being the biggest factor is really hilarious considering Kawhi's team is up seven games on the Rockets! All the politicking aside, it's been an amazing race. Harden is such a joy to watch in action. 
Westbrook has been a six-month Michael Bay movie. Kawhi's growth is just incredible to behold, and LeBron is the best since MJ. I'm hoping for nba 2k19 an encore next year.FLANNERY: That's cause you don't have a vote. Beyond the MVP race, the Cavs drama, and all those points, I can't be the only one who feels like this season has been underwhelming. 

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