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The zero position under the dedicated instrument is indicated

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In vast majority of sealing applications, the use of silicon carbide itself with carbon-graphite pair of grinding is the best sealing surface group. The function of the joint in a certain angle is achieved by using the spherical joint body with the spherical rotation ring.

The rotary joint is composed of a ball joint body, a threaded joint, a lock nut, a large copper pad, two spherical rotation and seals. The ball joint body is fitted with the two spherical rotations, and together in the threaded joint sleeve, the large copper pad is disposed in the threaded joint sleeve

On the side, the locking nut is disposed on the threaded joint, and the large copper pad is pressed, so that the spherical rotation ring is closely fit to the spherical joint body, between the rotary joint, the spherical joint, and the spherical turn A seal is provided between the ring and the ball joint body to ensure the sealing of the rotary joint.

A concentrated load is applied to the pre-compressed rotary joint bellows on a dedicated test instrument to compress the bellows, measure the amount of compression,China Hydraulic Hose Adapter Manufacturers and calculate its ratio, that is, the stiffness of the bellows. The compression amount of the rotary joint bellows should be complied with the specified amount, and the pre-compression should be less than this specified.

The maximum allowable displacement of the rotary joint bellows: On the dedicated device, the zero position under the dedicated instrument is indicated by the zero position of the free length, and then the load is compressed under load, so that the compression amount is equal to the predetermined value, removing one minute after removal load. This repeats three times, immediately read the zero offset, which must not be greater than its provision.