The world of Fallout 76 features plenty of interesting interactables
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The world of Fallout 76 features plenty of interesting interactables
11 ม.ค. 62 , View: 28 , Post : 0 The world of Fallout 76 features plenty of interesting interactables that fans are still trying to find a use for in-game. The air sensors are one such example. Throughout the beta many questioned what exactly the purpose of these devices was as the only prompt it would give stated it was busy gathering data. The full release of the game has answered that question and many more. Here is everything you need to know about how to use air sensors and what they do in Fallout 76.

With the introduction of PvP in Fallout 76 Bethesda introduced a lot of new mechanics to keep things interesting including Workshops. These claimable areas provide valuable materials produced every hour for as long as you hold them. The catch with claiming a Workshop is that it must be defended from in-game enemies that means both AI and other players. If you lose the area you have to fight to get it back or risk losing all of your supplies.

The group marched around trying to "turn" their enemies to the "light" of the almighty tuba and they in turn helped "convince" others to join the order. They continued to open up additional "locations" throughout the game including additional "sanctuaries" throughout the West Virginia wasteland. It's all quite silly but the Order of the Tuba made for a fun Twitter thread illustrated via images from the game.

All the while the game will occasionally mete out new snippets of story by way of having you stumble upon old messages items and holotapes you can listen to while looking around. It pieces together a narrative not unlike what you would have unraveled in a regular Fallout game albeit at a much slower and less satisfying pace. Sometimes reading the terminals strewn around the world is intriguing and the idea that anyone around you could be your nemesis is one that's important when it comes to driving self-preservation. But ultimately there's no real drive that pushes you to continue forward.

Gaming Heads also mentioned each Fallout 76: Vault Boy 76 Charisma 15-Inch Mega bobblehead comes packed in a deluxe full-color window box has an individually hand-numbered base and a validation card that will allow you to purchase the same product number for future Fallout? 76 mega bobbleheads if you validate your purchase.

The Fallout 76 I Am Become Death main quest should begin automatically when you complete Officer on Deck. When you return to The Whitespring Bunker head for the Military Wing. From there turn right and pass through the laser grid into the Command area. You now need to use four different terminals each of which explains a different part of launching a nuclear missile. Bear in mind that the task of tracking down a nuclear launch code and launching a nuke is a difficult and time-consuming task for solo players. It is possible to do solo but it is a lot faster to do with a group.

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