The Black Prior knight brings a darker aesthetic to For Honor
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The Black Prior knight brings a darker aesthetic to For Honor
14 มี.ค. 62 , View: 19 , Post : 0 The first major update of year three goes live on January 31 adding a new heavy class fighter belonging to the Black Priors a cult-like group of dark agents who look like knights but will fight dirty to win. It'll initially only be accessible to those who buy the game's new $30 season pass but will be unlockable a week later to anyone with enough in-game currency. The update also adds a Black Prior-themed map called Harbor that will be free and available to everyone at the same time.

For Honor's new update is coming on 31 January 2019 and it brings Black Prior - a defence specialist hero with strong support abilities and three special capabilities. The update will also include a new Harbor map and fighter adjustments. Ubisoft have released full patch notes for the upcoming For Honor Title Update 2.04 which brings some major content additions such as a new hero dubbed Black Prior and the Harbor map.

Peacekeeper changes were introduced to improve his ability to perform enough damage in striking and get more kills and executions. His top-heavy attack opener damage has been increased from 20 to 23 but is also 100ms slower. Also light heavy and dodge attack damage has been increased while stamina costs have been reduced. Ubisoft decided that Warlord's Crashing Charge is too powerful in 1v1 situations so they nerfed the shield charge activation from 300ms to 500ms. There are also buffs to heavy damage light attack openers and finishers.

For Honor year 3 will also bring a number of balances reworks and bug fixes to the game. Next week's update will see reworks of the Shugoki Warlord and Peacekeeper fighters. The Shugoki is getting faster attacks that can more often become unblockable lending it a more offensive kit than before. Peacekeeper will receive offensive buffs to balance a large nerf from last year.

The Black Prior knight brings a darker aesthetic to the game. He or she is decked out in skulls and a Doctor Doom-like mask that can be earned in-game. It's also supposed to introduce a new fighting style based around two abilities: Bulwark Stance and Bulwark Counter. The first allows the Black Prior to block in all directions simultaneously something no other character can do while the second negates all incoming attacks except for guard breaks if timed correctly. The only way to successfully beat it is by using a guard break but if the Bulwark Counter misses it will also leave the player briefly vulnerable making baiting a potential strategy as well.

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