Respawn technically addressed the overly large hitboxes of some Apex Legends characters
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Respawn technically addressed the overly large hitboxes of some Apex Legends characters
18 เม.ย. 62 , View: 26 , Post : 0 Caustic and Gibraltar have received damage buffs thanks to Apex Legends update 1.1.1 .Respawn Entertainment has released Apex Legends update 1.1.1 which reduces damage taken by Caustic and Gibraltar. The last update saw their hitboxes reduced along with Pathfinder’s but it apparently wasn’t enough.Starting with update 1.1.1 Gibraltar and Caustic will get a new perk added to their passive called Fortified. This reduces damage taken by 10%. Respawn said over the next couple of weeks it will keep an eye on how they perform with this additional protection. If the characters are still underpowered relative to their size it will make further adjustments.

Today’s patch addresses the frailty of the meaty men by giving them a little more beef through a new passive perk – Fortified – giving them a 10% reduction to all forms of death and some extra bonuses to their usual character abilities.

On top of the extra armour Gibraltar’s gun shield has been buffed from 50 to 75hp. Caustic’s gas is now far more deadly too dealing 4hp per tick intead of just one. He’s been working out too and can chuck his Ultimate gas-bomb 33 meters over the original 28. There’s been a lot of general weapon re-balancing this update as well with an emphasis on improving sniper combat. Sniper weapon damage suffers less reduction when shooting someone in the apelegs (or robot legs) and your sights should sway less when you’re trying to shoot someone anywhere but the legs.

The upgrade also does more to reward long-distance shooting with more overall damage more ammo and more accurate shooting. You might not relish the changes to two mainstays of the game though. Respawn has toned down the Wingman pistol and Spitfire machine gun with reduced ammo and (i nthe case of the Spitfire) slightly reduced damage.

Whatever your preferences you'll have more reasons to play. Respawn is holding Apex's first Battle Pass XP bonus event from now until April 18th at 1PM Eastern giving you a full bonus Battle Pass level for your first top-five round of the day. It's a familiar tactic for online shooters but it might be useful if you have yet to max your level.

Respawn acknowledge that not every known issue is fixed by this update. They’ve got people working on audio issues hit registration and “slow mo servers” which should hopefully be smoothed out soon. In the meantime just take solace in the beefy bullet-absorbent embrace of Gibraltar and Caustic. And have them stand in front of you in a firefight unless the enemy has a Mozambique.

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