The building function is the dominant factor of the three elements

The building function is the dominant factor of the three elements
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The three elements that make up a building are building function, building technology and building image. The reconstruction of container construction must also be analyzed from the perspective of these three elements. The building function is the dominant factor of the three elements.

The modular container house is not suitable for all functional buildings because of the determination of container materials, volume specifications, and fixed unit volume. Take the 6-meter container and the 12-meter container as examples, the single plane and section can meet the functional requirements of people entering and meeting a certain space. It is precisely because of the fixation and repetition of the single volume of the container that the container building design can be combined with the modular design.

However, this design obviously cannot meet our high expectations for container construction. At this time, the difference between architect and foreman is reflectedTherefore, when conditions permit, the forklift box can be loaded two layers at a time, but there must be a certain gap above and below. At the exhibition, this type of storage and transportation is convenient and fast. When designing the structure of a container villa,

there are many requirements to pay attention to, after all, it is different from ordinary villas. Container equipment room As a common temporary residence under construction, the stability and reliability of container house are much higher than traditional mobile board house. The big feature of container house is its convenience. Why is the container house suitable for post-disaster reconstruction? The following editor will show you the uniform size of the container building.

When loading a box with a fork-lift truck, it will be limited by the lifting height of the machine and the height of the mast. The transportation is convenient, especially suitable for the units that frequently change the construction site; after the exhibition, you can move to other areas to continue participating. Container bath room 4 is based on customer evaluation. The fireproof material has brought the safety performance to a higher level.

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