The best way to practise is to turn on the Trainer
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The best way to practise is to turn on the Trainer
10 ม.ค. 62 , View: 26 , Post : 0 The best way to practise is to turn on the Trainer select Movement & Mechanics mode but turn off all helpers except the Timed Finishing Bar. This will display a coloured feedback bar above your player's head when you shoot a bit like the swing-o-meters you get in golf games. When it turns completely green you've nailed it. FIFA 19's new Timed Finishing can be lethal but it's pretty tricky to get the hang of requiring a press and precisely timed second tap of the shoot button to pull it off. Nailing the time between the two is the difference between a screamer and just a scream of frustration.

When playing a match while locked to a player during a corner kick situation it was possible to knock the ball off of the corner kick spot by running towards the corner and pressing the D-Pad to execute a user controlled reaction. A situation where an attacking player was able to crash into the opponent's keeper while they are holding the ball and knock them into the net resulting in an own goal. This situation would now result in a foul and the goal being disallowed.

Of course those are just the Global Series Xbox One rankings. There is a separate rankings list for the Sony PlayStation 4 FIFA Global Series players. Right now Epsilon's Joksan Rdeona is atop the leaderboard. He's tallied 2,385 points and is nearly 1,500 ahead of his next-closest competitor StefanoPinna 21 who has 890 points. The full top 10 PlayStation 4 player rankings are below.

Once you've seen what it can do it can be tempting to use Timed Finishing all the time but remember it adds more risk. Get it wrong and you can scuff or blaze a shot you'd easily score using a standard strike so leave it for those chances that need something special to beat the keeper not one-on-ones that just demand a bit of composure. FIFA 19 is set to be released on September 28 but fans of FIFA Ultimate Team can keep themselves busy with the FUT 19 Web App.

This pattern will continue over the next 10 days so all FUTmas cards will be out by Christmas Eve. Just in time for those who had to wait until Christmas to play FIFA 19. EA hasn't revealed what players will receive FUTmas cards this year but you can expect a host of household names from a large variety of clubs leagues and nationalities. You will want to save up your coins and players in preparation for next week.

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