Get the first of the SBCs in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team
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Get the first of the SBCs in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team
14 ม.ค. 62 , View: 23 , Post : 0 The release of the games Ultimate Scream event follows on from the yesterday's FIFA 19 TOTW 13 reveal which is now live in the game on PS4 Xbox One PC and Nintendo Switch. The starting XI this week features Liverpool star Mo Salah Manchester United's Juan Mata and Chelsea midfield N'Golo Kante. It can be helpful to have an idea ahead of time of a path for improvement.

In conjunction with the start of the promotion gamers are able to fire up the FIFA 19 game and get the first of the SBCs. They are Premier League stars Lucas Torreira (82) and Wilf Zaha (84) as well as Serie A star Alejandro Gomez (86). These three SBCs are available for just a 24-hour time period which ends on Sunday. So far based on Twitter comments Torreira is a popular card that FIFA gamers are adding or looking to add.

You can then link four of the other positions with each other. Choosing Spaniards from La Liga will be good to get the 85 Chemistry required. Rodrigo Manu Triqueros and Illarmendi are all good here. Then you can put a random Uruguyan player in the final position. Any Premier League and Uruguay players will become expensive now. That should be enough to complete the SBC for quite cheap.

The FIFA 17 Futmas event started on Friday 16 Dec 2016 at 10am PDT (6PM BST). Likewise the FIFA 18 Futmas event started Saturday 16 Dec 2017 also at 10am PDT (6PM BST). So we're pretty confident that the FIFA 19 Futmas event will begin either slightly earlier today Friday 14th Dec or potentially tomorrow Saturday 15th Dec. Either way we expect that it will start at the exact same time of 10am PDT (6PM BST). Equally we're expecting that we could hear something from EA Sports either TODAY or tomorrow afternoon. Though we certainly would expect to see some sort of announcement before the Player Cards become available.

Finally the last player to watch is Melbourne City's Marcus Gomes who had a fantastic showing at the last FUT Champions Cup shocking many by reaching the Xbox semi-finals. he Australian showed nerves of steel to win a penalty shootout after a sensational 6-6 draw with Danny Proownez Liepolt. You can get more chemistry with perfect links if players are from the same nation and club but having all players link in even the most basic way will be enough to get 100 chemistry provided they're in their correct positions.

There are also Icon SBCs available for Michael Ballack and Sol Campbell. While there are no official details on how long those SBCs will be available early speculation is they'll be there for the duration of FUTMAS 19 or longer. FIFA Ultimate Team also referred to as FUT is the biggest mode in the game. It's enjoyed by many players worldwide. Ultimate Team mode involves building a dream squad of players from scratch and then using it to compete with other gamers worldwide.

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